Electronic Entry Distributors

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Contact name :  Hobey Allen

Contact title :  General Manager

Contact phone :  (919)665-8943

Contact email :  hallen@electronicentrydistributors.com

Company phone :  (214)381-7100

Contact address :  14330 S. Figueroa St. , Gardena , California

Website link :  www.electronicentrydistributors.com

Electronic Entry Distributors (EED) is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the wholesale distribution of access control products; including gate automation, telephone entry systems, perimeter security devices and most importantly, customer service.

Originally founded in 1972, and currently owned by Arbee, Inc.; EED has Branches in seven strategically positioned locations supplying installing dealers in all 50 states, Canada and the Caribbean. We offer a comprehensive inventory of industry recognized brand name products from all of the leading manufacturers. Additionally, we have a team of Regional Sales Managers assigned to assist you with the design, specification, sales and installation of these products.

EED’s professional staff has over 150 years of combined experience in the electronic access control industry, including a number of CAGOI certified technicians. We offer our customers an all-inclusive inventory of access control products and systems in all locations to insure prompt and complete delivery of what our customers need to complete their projects on time.

If you are looking for something not in our catalog, let us know. In most instances we can get you what you need within 48 hours, wherever you may be. We are truly your “Partners In Progress” and welcome the opportunity to serve you.


National Sales & Operations Manager

Regional Sales Manager: John Allen

Cell: (470) 217-9191

Branch Manager Atlanta: Eric Garcia

Branch Phone No.: (404) 214-3320

Northwest Region-Sacramento, California

Regional Sales Manager: Chris Rodriguez

Cell: (916) 764-6008

Branch Manager Sacramento: Chris Rodriguez

Branch Phone No.: (855) 728-0683

Central California Region-Fresno, California

Regional Sales Manager: Joe Flentye

Cell: (559) 907-2847

Branch CSR: Junior Sanchez

Branch Phone No.: (559) 214-0310

Southwest Region-Gardena, California

Regional Sales Manager: Ken Lehmann

Cell: (310) 387-5042

Operations Manager: Mike McKennon

Branch Phone No.: (800) 223-6879

Central Region-Dallas, TX

Regional Sales Manager: Sean Rainey

Cell: (469) 263-8272

Branch Manager Dallas: Anthony Rainey

Branch Phone No.: (888) 850-5090

Upper Midwest, Midwest, Mideast, Northeast Region-Indianapolis, IN

Regional Sales Manager: Ed Sullivan

Cell: (615) 719-3265

Regional Sales Manager: Logan Delph

Cell: (719) 649-4805

Assistant Branch Manager: David Bornowski

Branch Phone No.: (317) 766-9044

Florida Region-Tampa, FL

Regional Sales Manager: Nelson Kindall

Cell: (813) 285-9786

Branch Manager Tampa: Don Wolfe

Assistant Branch Manager: Kris Galindez

Branch Phone No.: (800) 767-7322


Hobey Allen-General Manager

Cell: (919) 665-8943

Mike McKennon-Operations Manager

Cell: (310) 386-8500

Martha Villasenor-Office Manager

Cell: (424) 785-0968

Kimberly Dobb-Business Development Specialist

Cell: (310) 995-0854

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