Oxford Plastics

Contact info:  

Contact name :  Jake Sardinha

Contact title :  US Division Manager of Temporary Fence

Contact phone :  (401)497-0821

Contact email :  jake.sardinha@oxfordplasticsusa.com

Contact address :  1011 Centre Rd Suite 312 , Wilmington , Delaware

Website link :  www.oxfordplasticsusa.com

JDS Supply, LLC represents Oxford Plastics USA

JDS Supply, LLC offers Oxford’s innovative temporary fence products, barriers, and ground protection mats.  

Oxford’s motto ‘Innovation for Safety’ rings true with Oxford’s BigFoot temporary fence weights (alternative to sandbags), OxStand (alternative to tube stands), OxBlock (stand & weight all-in-one), Strongwall & StrongFenceLantis Barriers (alternative to metal pedestrian barriers), and EnduraMat ground protection mats.


David Sardinha, 401.497.0821, david.sardinha@oxfordplasticsusa.com

Jake Sardinha, 401.297.1256, jake.sardinha@oxfordplasticsusa.com

Sheila Sardinha, 401.241.8460, sheila.sardinha@oxfordplasticsusa.com

Dropbox link to access product brochures in PDF  :  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mlnoi6mzjuh8qlw/AADVia528whiJj_U_ul99iRma?dl=0