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2020 Conference – Canceled

I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. These are certainly stressful times but I’m hopeful that with an inventive and positive outlook, all of our businesses will continue to thrive.

In April, I sent out an email asking for your thoughts and opinions on our 2020 summer conference that was originally scheduled for early August. I received a lot of good feedback from many group members and presented them all to the board. Considering the feedback we received, the board of directors has unanimously decided to cancel our 2020 summer conference in the interest of our members health and safety. Many members also expressed concern over the fact that their schedules in the fall could be overloaded due to current or summer jobs being postponed. Rescheduling the conference to later in the fall or Spring 2021 was not an optimal option for most who responded.

We will shift our focus to our 2021 summer conference and ensure you are given an even more exciting quality conference and family FUN experience. We all were very much looking forward to this year’s conference, but in these unprecedented times, the risks outweighed the benefits. Thank you for understanding.


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