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Check us out on the NDPA Resource Center!

We are excited to announce

The NDPA Resource Center
The Fence Group

The National Drowning Prevention Alliance has combined forces with The Fence Group, mySalesman and the AFA to link consumers across the country directly to you.

The new Resource Center includes an entire page dedicated to helping consumers get pool fence quotes from OUR members!

How it works:

A consumer can use the mySalesman tool embedded on the Fence Your Pool page to:

  • find their home on Google Maps
  • map and draw out their fencing needs
  • request a quote

That request will be sent to me and I will in turn forward them on to a member of The Fence Group in the consumers area. In the event there is not an available The Fence Group member nearby, we will forward the request on to an AFA member. 

Also, a reminder to suppliers/manufacturers to look into the NDPA’s Layers of Protection program. A fence is the FIRST layer of protection!

“The purpose of the NDPA Layers of Protection Program is to identify products that can help prevent drowning and to provide a consumer recommendation for products meeting a high level of reliability and excellence in the aquatic environment. This recommendation is a message to consumers that they are using a product that has met the accepted level of certification, testing, and reliability from a manufacturer that believes in drowning prevention and water safety. This is not an endorsement of a product, rather is a recommendation to the consumer.”

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