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Summer Conference 2024 Hints!

7 days until we announce our destination for the 2024 Summer Conference! You know the drill, 1 hint a day… Let’s see who guesses it correctly first!

Hint #1

The first organized baseball game was played in this state in 1846 as well as the first intercollegiate football game in 1869. That same year, cheerleading became a thing in this state also! 

Hint #2

Famous natives of this state include Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Jack Nicholson and Frank Sinatra.

hint #3

One city in this state took the warning “Please don’t feed the animals” to a whole new level. Here it is illegal to give alcohol or tobacco to zoo animals.

Not sure why this became necessary to put into law but no party animals allowed here!

hint #4

Now that we’ve spelled out the state we’ll be gracing with our presence, let’s zoom in a little more. The region we’ll be visiting is known as The Skylands, renowned for it’s historic towns, mountains and lakes. The bucolic hills are decorated with farms and quaint villages as well as 60,000 acres of state parkland.

Check back tomorrow for a hint on the town we’ll be taking over, er, I mean “visiting.”

Hint #5

This borough is known as “The Children’s Town” as it was home to the Gingerbread Castle, an amusement park opened in the 1930’s based on the fairytale. The epitome of a quaint Appalachian small town, you might notice some of the street names still reflect the whimsical history of the Castle with names like Cinderella, King Cole and Wishing Well Road.

Hint #6

We’re getting close!

Our Summer Adventure (aka Conference) will take place at the Northeast’s largest solar powered resort. That’s a lot of sun-ergy!

Hint #7

The final clue(s)!

This property is New York City’s closest luxury resort, a mere hour drive from the Big Apple. It’s also the home of New Jersey’s #1 public golf course, Ballyowen.

The resort won Golf Digest’s 2022 Editor’s Choice for Best Resort and Wine Spectator’s 2023 Grand Award.

This is the Northeast’s largest four season golf, spa and culinary resort.

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